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No Dinners for Sinners

2 Male, 4 Female

Edward Taylor Price: $12.99

Jim Watt runs the London office of a stock exchange firm and is hosting dinner for the International Director and his wife, Bill and Nancy McGregor, members of the anti-permissive society group

As Bill strongly disapproves of unmarried couples living together, Jim asks his girlfriend, Helen, to pose as his wife for the evening

This suggestion goes down like a lead balloon and Helen walks out on him, leaving Jim with no partner, no cook and - after ringing around all of his ex-girlfriends unsuccessfully - only one last option - his eccentric cleaning lady, Edna, who will do the job

For a fee, of course

Disaster reigns as Edna attempts to cook an elaborate dish while keeping her guests happy with “religious chat”

Then - at an extremely inoppourtune moment - Helen returns to play the role of his wife

And so does his young personal assistant, Terri!

A string of hilarious miscommunications unravel as Jim tries to save the situation and his job by trading lies and wives almost as quickly as Bill is trading shares

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