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Night and Day

7 Male, 1 Female

Tom Stoppard Price: $12.99

The provocative and funny look at exploitation and corruption, journalistic ethics, freedom of the press and marital infidelity is set in a fictional copper rich African nation

Dick Wagner of The Sunday Globe and a competing freelance journalist arrive at the jungle home of a white mine owner

Soon they are competing for the use of their host's telex, the attentions of his wife and a possible interview with the missing president of Kambawe


"An unabashed paean to the fourth estate ... and those knights errant who rode out on crusades to far flung lands in search of a scoop, a snapshot, booze, a fair maiden and a working telex, not always in that order... All of this provides a springboard for Mr. Stoppard's wit" ~ N.Y. Times

"Stoppard is at his dazzlingly playful verbal best.... It's fun... bringing rare style to Broadway" ~ N.Y. Daily News

"Dazzling.... It throbs with life and is a pleasure" ~ N.Y. Post

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