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New American Short Plays 2005

Craig Lucas - ed Price: $19.95

This volume offers 20 imaginative, challenging and often provocative new plays by some of America's most talented playwrights

20 New Plays including The Second Beam by Joan Ackermann & The Sleepers by Christopher Shinn & Hope (and Charles) by David Schulner & 2 Soldiers by Bathsheba Doran & Davy and Stu by Anton Dudley & Dear Sara Jane by Victor Lodato & Hippie van Gumdrop by Dan LeFranc

"Theatre is just marginal enough, just far enough off the radar to permit forms of tenderness and love, politics and pleasure-seeking, stories without cheap redemption, visions that do not always comfort or reassure, narratives that do not congratulate us for being so smart and sensitive and morally impeccable

Here, then, is the real mess of life - nothing has been scrubbed clean for your edification

Here is a chance to take courage from others and re-discover the individual in America" ~ Craig Lucas (ed)

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