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National Dance

Margaret Allenby-Jaffe Price: $29.95

"Whosoever danceth not, knoweth not the way of life"

When this line from a second-century Gnostic hymn was written, dancing was still 'of the people, for the people, by the people'

And it's this dance of the common people - folk dance - that this book takes a long look

Country by country, it explores and compares the cultural traditions that underpin folk dance in various part of Europe

And it considers the importance of dance both as a patriotic statement and as a force for education and international communication


The history and development of folk dance

The influence of environment and national character on dance styles

The language of music as an expression of national identity National costume - its development and significance

Step-by-step descriptions of particular national dances and accompanying music

The role of national dance as the foundation for modern dance disciplines


"Rich in history and interpretation" ~ Library Journal

"Recommended addition to any dancerís shelf of reference books" ~ Back Stage East

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