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My Mother#*!^%#! College Life

4 Male, 4 Female

Michael Bigelow Dixon & Brooke Jennett - editors Price: $9.99

Created by Michael Bigelow Dixon and Brooke Jennett and conceived by Jon Jory, this collection of 40 monologues and a few dialogues explores what's in the hearts and minds of college students today

The multicultural ensemble questions everything they encounter: social justice and gender identity, self-awareness and relationship boundaries, future prospects

And roommate etiquette!

What emerges is a humorous and heartbreaking portrait of a new generation struggling with higher education’s promise of “personal transformation”

The play begins with matriculation and ends with graduation and is structured in three acts ...

Act One - Great Expectations - focus on encounters with new friends, financial aid, antidepressants, homework, sex, sleep deprivation and courses in physics and math

Act Two - Paradise Lost - features parties, budding and broken relationships, unexpected encounters with race and religion, sexual orientation and hitting rock bottom

Act Three - Metamorphoses - portrays students emerging from four years of challenge and change with surprising insights, political convictions and plans for a scary, uncertain future

This mix of serious and comedic monologues captures the difficulty of the search for self-discovery and community-building

And while the monologues convey the sense that students often feel alone in their quest for great success or simply survival, the ensemble itself presents a very different truth ...

At least they’re alone together

M3-5, F3-5 or 2 - 10 either M/F

Runs about 70 minutes


Janet Allard, Joseph Michael Bahena, Erica Beimesche, Brayden Bergman, Katie Brewer-Calvert, Mattie Bruton, Sophia Burke, Kamilah Bush, Justin Yu-Young Chien錢裕揚, Adam Denoyer, Briana Garcia, Kathryn R. Gillespie, Kaitlin Haggard, Maya Hamer, Michael A. Huelsman, Hannah Jacky, Brooke Jennett, Trevor Kassis, Mollie LaFavers, Olivia Luken, Philana Omorotionmwan, Isabel Peña, Stephanie Robinson, Theodora Zora Salazar, Natasha Renee Smith, Charlotte Stephens, Emy Stevens, Jessica Wilson, Elizabeth Wong and Justin Wright

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