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Musical Theatre Song

Stephen Purdy Price: $24.95

From Placido Domingo ...

"Dramatic stage singers today are more hard-pressed than ever to deliver original, truthful and personal performances with bravura. Stephen Purdy's new text contains insightful, invaluable wisdom that gives modern stage performers the tools and the wherewithal to do this in a way that nurtures their individuality and fosters their artistry”

Subtitled A Comprehensive Course in Selection, Preparation, and Presentation for the Modern Performer this is a handbook for musical theatre performers, providing them with the wide-ranging skill set they need for success in today's competitive musical theatre environment

It breaks down the process into knowing how to select your song material based upon your individuality

And how to prepare and perform it in a manner that best highlights your attributes

It also provides a succinct and personalized trajectory toward presentation, taking the reader through a series of challenges designed to evoke original, personal and vibrant song performances

Written by renowned Broadway and West End vocal and audition coach Stephen Purdy, Musical Theatre Song is a must-have guide for all performers who are looking to succeed in today's musical theatre industry.



Section I: Song Selection

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Song Selection and Historical Context: What You Should Know and Why You Should Care

Chapter 2 : Song Selection for Singing Actors: The Philosophical – What to Sing and Where to Find it

Chapter 3 : The Song is You: Song Selection for Singing Actors – The Practical

Section II: Song Preparation

Chapter 4 : Introduction to Song Preparation

Chapter 5 : Off the Table and Off the Page: Techniques for Playability

Chapter 6 : A Music and Musical Theatre Term Lexicon

Chapter 7 : Coaching Songs Through with Singing Actors

Section III: Song Presentation

Chapter 8 : Your Turn at Bat, Sir


“It's about time that somebody put a real, relevant text out there about theatre song preparation and choice

As a music supervisor, arranger and orchestrator of many "rock" and "pop" Broadway, West End and Internationally produced musicals I'm extremely sensitive in the casting process to a singer's ability to execute story-based song performance and "act" the song

This is in addition to having chosen material that works for them personally

Purdy's knockout book gives modern musical theatre performers the essential ingredients they need to accomplish these things and so much else” ~ Ethan Popp, Grammy-nominated producer and Tony-nominated orchestrator

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