Musical Theatre - A History

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John Kenrick

Published by Methuen

A new revised edition of the seminal text celebrating Musical Theatre from ancient times to the present day

As an educator with extensive experience in professional theatre production, author John Kenrick approaches the subject with a unique appreciation of musicals as both an art form and as a business

Using anecdotes, biographical profiles, clear definitions, sample scenes, illustrations, and rare photographs, he focuses on all the major landmark musicals

And on the extraordinary talents and business innovators who have helped musical theatre evolve from its Athenian roots all the way to the latest hits on Broadway and London's West End

A joy for musical theatre lovers, this comprehensive guide is also an ideal textbook for university and secondary school students

The 28 chapters are reformatted for the typical 14 week, 28 session academic course making it easy for educators to plan a syllabus and reading assignments

And to make the book more interactive, each chapter includes suggested listening and reading lists, designed to help readers step beyond the printed page to experience great musicals and performers for themselves

This Second Edition also includes a new Foreword by Oscar Hammerstein III, a critically acclaimed historian and member of a family with deep ties to the musical theatre

Could make a great gift!


Introduction: "Let's Start at the Very Beginning"

Chapter 1: Ancient Times to 1800 "Playgoers, I Bid You Welcome!"

Chapter Two: Continental Operetta (1840 1900) "Typical of France"

Chapter 3: Music Halls and Minstrel Shows: When Ribaldry and Racism Sang and Danced

Chapter 3: "The Music of Something Beginning" American Explorations (1624-1890)

Chapter 5: Object All Sublime - Gilbert & Sullivan (1880-1900)

Chapter 6: Vaudeville and Burlesque - From Small Time to Big Time

Chapter 7: The Merry Widow - Refusing to Say "I Love You"

Chapter 10 A New Century: Herbert, Cohan & Berlin (1900-1913)

Chapter 9: Florenz Ziegfeld The Follies and Beyond

Chapter 12: Jerome Kern and American Ascendance (1914-1919)

Chapter 11: Career in Profile Al Jolson

Chapter 12: The 1920s - Part I

Chapter 12: The 1920s Part II

Chapter 14: Depression Era Miracles (1930-1939)

Chapter 10: Rodgers & Hammerstein A New Beginning (1940-1960)

Chapter 17 After Oklahoma (post-1943)

Chapter 17: Anatomy of a Hit My Fair Lady (1956)

Chapter 18: Career in Profile Ethel Merman

Chapter 19: Abbott, Robbins & Fosse (1950-1963)

Chapter 20: More Golden Age Musicals - (1950s-1960s)

Chapter 21: The 1960s "The Parade Passes By"

Chapter 22: 1970s Part I - Sondheim & Prince

Chapter 12: The 1970s "You Gotta Hang on till Tomorrow" (1970-1979)

Chapter 24: The 1980s "And the Wind Begins to Moan"

Chapter 25: The 1990s - "The American Dream"

Chapter 26: The 2000s "Where Did We Go Right?"

Chapter 27: The 2010s - Tourists Reign Supreme

Chapter 28: The Future
Annotated Bibliography


"A comprehensive history of stage musicals . . . As informative as it is entertaining ... richly illustrated with anecdotes of shows" ~ The Pass

"Kenrick demonstrates his considerable knowledge in this enjoyable, well-written volume . . . Specific examples about particular performers and shows enliven the text" ~ Choice

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