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Murder on Reserve

4 Male, 5 Female

Thomas Hischak Price: $9.99

In the small midwestern town of Sanford, the impossible has happened - someone has strangled crotchety old Faulkner Seaton in the reference section of the local library while the dusty old landmark was open

Most puzzling of all is the fact that nobody in the place saw or heard a thing

Inspector Trigg and his assistant, Lt. Elizabeth Roberts, are brought in from St. Louis to solve the mystery, only to discover the most unlikely collection of suspects: a meticulous librarian, his repressed assistant, a talkative small time speculator, a sweet high school girl, an elderly hypochondriac, a cynical library worker and a colorful drifter

It develops that old Seaton had stumbled into something important in the reference section and a missing book becomes the only clue

Trigg and Roberts set a trap to catch the murderer that results in a thrilling and revealing conclusion

Vivid characters and a plot that keeps the audience guessing make this whodunit an enjoyable romp for any theatre group

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