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Mr Melancholy/Footprints on Water

6 Male, 4 Female

Matt Cameron Price: $24.95

Mr Melancholy

An absurd comedy of solitude and sorrow

Three hermits, living in a lighthouse without a light, discover a runaway circus clown washed ashore


Cameron seems heir to the existentialism of a Samuel Beckett, the absurdities of a Goon Show and the hauntingly melancholic whimsy of cartoonist Michael Leunig. - The Bulletin

Footprints on Water

A darkly comic parable of belief and judgment

A religious zealot wills God to wipe out his morally bankrupt village so he can start the world again


Exudes a palpable sense of apocalypse If Footprints on Water is any indication, Australian theatre is in safe hands. - The Age

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