Movement Training for Actors - BOOK DVD

Movement Training for Actors - BOOK DVD $39.99

Jackie Snow

Published by Methuen

"This book vividly captures vital and imaginative lessons from one of the most influential and joyous traditions of contemporary actor training

Any actor or teacher, who is devoted to the transformational power of the theatre, will want to return to these pages again and again, finding in them not only the work to be done, but also the inspiration to do it"James Bundy - Dean, Yale School of Drama & Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theatre

Movement training techniques allow actors to acquire the physical body language and non-verbal skills to clearly express the ideas and emotions of their characters

The techniques contained in this book help actors to develop awareness of their own natural posture, walk and rhythm, release the physical imagination and transform into the characters they are portraying, on stage, in film or on television

Movement Training for Actors provides a practical workbook approach to the core fundamentals of movement, fusing together the work of the key practitioners: Sigurd Leeder, Kurt Jooss, Rudolf Laban, Trish Arnold, Litz Pisk, F. M. Alexander, Moshé Feldenkrais, Jerzy Growtowski, Jacques Lecoq and Belinda Quirey

Chapters include Games, Pure Movement, Historical Dance, Acrobatics and Animal Study

The book is illustrated with photographs throughout and contains a DVD featuring over an hour of movement exercises further demonstrating the techniques

This masterclass on movement written by experienced coach Jackie Snow is a culmination of her many years of teaching and coaching professionals

Her highly practical approach will suit actors of all abilities as well as serving as an inspirational teaching guide


Preface by Michael Gaunt


Part 1: The universal state

1) The universal state for the group
2) Space, dimension and rhythm
3) The universal state for the individual
4) Pure movement to achieve neutral

Part 2: Movements with imagination at the heart of pure movement

5) Core Movement exercises
6) Dynamic movement: The Cat
7) Acrobatics and tumbling for the acting student
8) Neutral mask
9) Character mask
10) Exploration of body and mind
11) Massage and relaxation

Part 3: Observation and imagination

12) Observation
13) Animal study
14) Elements

Part 4: Imagination and transformation

15) The Seven Deadly Sins
16) Explorative movement
17) Period movement
18) Period dance

Conclusion by Robert Price

A note on Trish Arnold

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