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Moscow Shadows

2 Male, 3 Female

Harris Freedman Price: $7.99

Moscow, 1989

Two widows of the Soviet system have been close friends and neighbours for more than 40 years...

Anna remains an idealist

Natasha is disillusioned and cynical

Natasha is a blackmarketeer, selling ikons for dollars, which is a capital offence

Anna takes in illegal boarders

Then their neighbour is murdered

And the ensuing police investigation brings unexpected and tragic consequences


"Moscow Shadows is a rich mix, combining the loss of innocence, the all-pervading atmosphere of insecurity ... the thrills and skills of black-marketeering, and a detective story" ~Jewish Chronicle, London

"... moves stylishly from politics, to drawing-room drama, to whoops-no-sex-I'm-a-Red farce, to whodunnit ...police interrogation, remorse ... self-sacrifice" ~ City Limits, London

"The play's observations could not be more politically apposite..." The Independent, London

" ... two splendidly meaty (female) parts ... fine and funny performances ... a play rich with humour as well as pathos" ~ What's On In London

...a drawing-room comedy that ... goes for (and gets) the laugh to be found in a fond portrayal of Jewish matriarchy" ~ The Independent, London


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