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Mind Games - An Anthology

Paul Elliott Price: $9.99

If dreams are the mind's attempt to sort out reality, then a journey into the mind can be either a very funny experience, or an emotional roller coaster, or possibly a frightening combination of both

Laugh, cry and be challenged in this exciting evening of three amazingly entertaining and thought-provoking one acts ...

Ledge, Ledger and the Legend - Comedy - M3

A young man's suicide attempt turns into a hysterically funny look at the absurdity of the world around us as rival professional suicide counselors vie for his business

Simple exterior set - runs about 30 minutes

Mind Games - Drama - M2,F3

A well-known Hollywood psychiatrist agrees to delve into the mind of a troubled young man and finds himself faced with a reality more terrifying than he could have ever imagined

Simple set - runs about 30 minutes

The Door - Drama - M1,F1 + Off-stage Voice

An elderly grandmother locks herself away refusing to open a door in her mind which leads to the night her grandson was murdered and why he was killed

Bare stage with props - runs about 25 minutes

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