Michael Chekhov Technique in the Twenty-First Century

Michael Chekhov Technique in the Twenty-First Century $31.99

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Cass Fleming & Tom Cornford (Editors)

Published by Methuen

The culmination of an innovative practice research project, Michael Chekhov in the Twenty-First Century: New Pathways draws on historical writings and archival materials to investigate how Chekhov's technique can be used across the disciplines of contemporary performance and applied practice

In contrast to the narrow, actor training-only analysis that dominated 20th-century explorations of the technique, Michael Chekhov in the Twenty-First Century focuses on:

Devising, directing and collective creation

Dramaturgy and collaborative playwriting

Sscenography, voice, movement and dance

Socially-engaged and therapeutic practices

All of which are at the forefront of international theatre-making

In short, it offers a thorough and fascinating investigation into new uses of Michael Chekhov's technique, providing practical strategies and principles alongside theoretical discussion

Table of Contents


Contributing authors


Chekhov Technique: Past, Present and Future, Cass Fleming

Section One

Chekhov Technique: Processes of Theatre Making

Chapter 1 'Theatre of the Future': Chekhov Technique for Devised Theatre and Catalyst Direction, Cass Fleming

Chapter 2 Actor-Dramaturgs and Atmospheric Dramaturgies: Chekhov Technique in Processes of Collaborative Playwriting, Tom Cornford

Section Two

Chekhov Technique: Beyond Acting

Chapter 3 The Expressive Voice in Performance: Chekhov Technique for Voice and Singing, Daron Oram

Chapter 4 'The moment you are not inwardly moving and inwardly participating, you are dead' – Chekhov Technique in Actor-Movement and Dance, Roanna Mitchell

Chapter 5 Feeling Space, Making Space: Michael Chekhov's Approach to Theatre Design, Sinéad Rushe

Section Three

Chekhov Technique: Beyond the Theatre

Chapter 6 'If the new theatre is to have meaning, the audience too must play its part': Chekhov Technique in Applied, Therapeutic and Community Contexts, Caoimhe McAvinchey

Cross-currents and conclusions

Cross Currents and Conclusions, Cass Fleming and Tom Cornford


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