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Mexican Plays - selected

Elyse Dodgson - ed Price: $29.99

A unique collection of five surprising and exciting plays from Mexico ...

On Insomnia and Midnight ~ Edgar Chías - in a mountain hotel an ailing guest and nervous chambermaid strike up an uneasy friendship

The Sánchez Huerta Girl Killed Herself ~ Claudia Ríos - after a young girl's suicide, her parents meet for the first time in years at the school where she died

Seven-Eleven ~ Iván Olivares - Cabron (the Bastard) isn't having a good day. His scams aren't going well,but then there's Seven-Eleven and its constant supply of hot-dogs

Little Certainties ~ Bárbara Colio - Mario is missing, presumed dead. In the town of Tijuana, his brother and sister make a shocking discovery about Mario and his secrets

Used Blood Junkyard ~ Alberto Villarreal - Làzaro, his mates and his porn-star girlfriend are 'art terrorists'... can anything stop their killing spree?

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