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Men in Suits - Three Plays about the Mafia

6 Male, 3 Female

Jason Milligan Price: $9.99

The three full-length in this Collection are ...

Men in Suits - M3

A portrait of up and coming Mafia soldiers ...

... Bobby who does as he's told and never questions the legendary Boss and Max who is haunted by the screams of people they've killed. They whack the wrong guy in Grand Central Station and are seen driving to Vermont to confess their error. Short scenes chronicle the drive; settings en route are easily suggested with set pieces

Family Values - M6,F3

Meet Vinnie and Anne Marie, an all American, upwardly mobile Mafia couple who have it all: a beautiful home, plenty of money and success Vinnie is about to become a made man. On the eve of his official induction into the crime family, his world crashes down in a chaotic series of darkly comic events. He commits the worst transgression imaginable when he occidentally runs over the Boss's six year old heir. The boy is barely injured but Vinnie is in deep trouble. His fanatic efforts to remedy his blunder reveal the high price of being part of the "Family"

Any Friend of Percy D'Angelino Is a Friend of Mine - M2,F1

This side-splitting Mafia comedy begins with a mysterious stranger arriving at the Long Island estate owned by a renowned mob boss. Why is "Tony" there? To kill the venerable Frankie? To work for him? The mobster's bombshell wife has her own theories. Hilarious antics designed to divine Tony's purpose end with the discovery that he is a soap opera star signed to play Frankie in a feature film! Frankie detests movies and determines to have his guest fitted for cement shoes, but he warms to the idea of being glorified in a Hollywood epic. Laughs abound as he coaches Tony on how to play him


"Hilarious ... Milligan's dialogue is at turns funny, biting, and sad" ~ Fairfield Country Weekly

"Races by in an ever changing montage of emotional loyalty, humor, betrayal, and blood ... A fascinating play" ~ Connecticut Post

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