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Memento & Following

Christopher Nolan Price: $12.99

Christopher Nolan's Memento is an intricate, original, fascinating thriller, hailed by Philip French of the Observer as "... one of the year's most exciting pictures"

Its protagonist Leonard (Guy Pearce) is a puzzle, even to himself

He sports the trappings of an expensive lifestyle, yet he lives in seedy motels, and seems to be on a desperate mission of revenge to find the man who murdered his wife

Worse, Leonard suffers from a rare form of amnesia that plagues his short-term memory, so in order to keep track of his life, he must surround himself with written reminders, some of them etched onto his own flesh

In this state, Leonard finds that nothing is what it seems, and no one can easily be trusted

Following (1998) was Christopher Nolan's micro-budgeted debut feature

Bill (Jeremy Theobald), a lonely would-be writer, spends his considerable free time stalking strangers at random through the streets of London

This vicarious form of 'research' takes an unexpected turn when Bill is caught out by one of his quarries: a suave cat burglar who introduces him to the art of breaking and entering

Soon Bill is striking up a liaison with a girl whose flat he has turned over

But Bill discovers too late that he is out of his depth

This volume includes both Screenplays, plus an interview with Christopher Nolan and Jeremy Theobald in which they talk to James Mottram about the making of Following

And also a piece by Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan Nolan, author of the story on which Memento was based, in which they recall the conception of the film

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