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4 Male, 4 Female

Charles Strouse & Warren Leight Price: $9.99

If you love New York - or if you hate it - you will be sure to enjoy this peppy show, which is as much about life in the Big Apple as it is about the Mayor

Virtually every aspect of the social and political life of New York City is genially lampooned, and the result is an entertaining evening - even for audiences who wouldn't be able to tell Ed Koch from Frank Perdue!

"An extremely entertaining blend of polemic, satire, song and dance" ~ Women's Wear Daily

"While Mayor Koch has been called many things by his fans and detractors, adjectives like "genial, mild' and "sweet' have generally not been among them. It's those words, however, that most accurately describe both Mayor and the character it places center stage" ~ N.Y. Times

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