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Matchbox Theatre - Thirty Short Entertainments - PAPERBACK

1 Male, 1 Female

Michael Frayn Price: $19.95

MATCHBOX THEATRE proudly presents ...

A Miniature Sketch Show of Thirty Dialogues and Monologues

Thirty Short Entertainments from the Mighty Pen of Michael Frayn, celebrated author of Noises Off, "The World's Funniest Farce"

These Thirty Entertainments are to be played in The Smallest Theatre in the World

The Theatre of Your Mind

Imagine, if you will ...

Sir Geoffrye and Lady Hilarye

Sleeping peacefully on their Marble Tomb these last Six Hundred Years

Suddenly woken by the thump of Rock Music from the Crypt beneath

Or imagine a Gala performance of Shakespeare

A Special Treat where the sponsor's Guests are being wined and dined On Stage as Extras

In the Banquet Scene

And now imagine an Eternal Triangle set in an Airport Departure Lounge

With Two Lovers

And lots of Flight Announcements

The thirty Sketches each run about 5 minutes

Also makes a great gift!


"Very funny . . . Itís like watching the most abstract, highbrow TV sketch show you can imagine . . . clever, light-spirited, linguistically perverse readers will fall in love with it and cherish it forever" ~ The Spectator

"A delight, and often extremely funny . . . More fun and insights are packed into these playlets than can be found in most dramas 10 times their length" ~ Sunday Times

"A delectably droll collection of theatrical diversions . . . For lovers of classic farce, Monty Python and the wildly diverse British sense of humor' ~ Kirkus Reviews

Pocket Playhouse - Thirty-six Short Entertainments

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