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Marlowe - Complete Plays

Christopher Marlowe Price: $15.95

A spy, a homosexual and a heretic who was eventually killed in a brawl, Christopher Marlowe (1564-93) was a born outsider, yet many now rank him second only to Shakespeare as a master of the Elizabethan stage.

His seven plays are notable for their intense imaginative energy, overreaching heroes and startling shifts of tone

Tamburlaine the Great shows an unstoppable conquering warlord transformed into a murderous automaton obsessed with sadistic ceremonial. Barabas

The Jew of Malta, is not so much a crude anti-semitic caricature as a horribly comic monster-in-the-making surrounded by greedy but sometimes sanctimonious Christians

And Dr Faustus is a supremely powerful drama of damnation, whatever Marlowe's personal religious views

This volume also includes a crucial piece of evidence - a 'note' by his former partner-in-crime accusing him of atheism and colourfully blasphemous obscenity

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