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Mariage Blanc & The Hunger Artist Departs

Tadeusz Rozewicz Price: $29.95

Mariage Blanc is a tragic farce set in a middle class household in the Poland of the lte 19C and concerns "respectable" attitudes towards love and sex in the society of that time

The central characters are two young sisters, one of whom is to marry

They find themselves constantly caught between rampant lust on the one hand and vapid sentimentality on the other

There is a squalid hinterland of grubby encounters with servants and frigid sexual paralysis

At the conclusion, one sister's search for sexual and emotional fulfilment has resulted in her own identity crumbling to nothing while the other sister becomes nothing less than a calculating whore

The Hunger Artist Departs takes its origin and inspiration from a short story by Kafka in which a showman travels from town to town with his impresario, starving himslef for long periods of time for the people's amusement

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