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Man of la Mancha - CD of Vocal Tracks & Backing Tracks

Stage Stars Recording Price: $24.95

These Vocal & Backing tracks on CD are recorded in the original show key and tempo

They are of particular value to those of you of you preparing to stage the show or preparing to audition

Each of the 14 songs can be played either with Backing Tracks & Guide Vocals or with with Backing Tracks only

This enables the performer to learn a song by singing along with the vocals and music, and then practice their technique accompanied only by the backing track

The CD will work in any CD player and there's a booklet of the lyrics enclosed in the CD jewel case

Evern better, if you have a karaoke machine, the lyrics will magically appear on-screen as it's also CDG compatible

Click and listen to a Sample of any of the 14 Songs ...

I Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha)
Its All the Same
I'm Only Thinking of Him
I Really Like Him
What Does He Want of Me
Barber Song
Golden Helmet
To Each His Dulcinea
Impossible Dream
Little Bird
Knight of the Woeful Countenance
A Little Gossip

Please note, this is NOT the Original Cast Recording

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