Mamet Plays 5 - Boston Marriage & Dr Faustus & Romance

Mamet Plays 5 - Boston Marriage & Dr Faustus & Romance $31.99

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David Mamet

Published by Methuen

A collection of outstanding plays from one of America's greatest playwrights ...

Boston Marriage

David Mamet conquers new territory with this droll comedy of errors set in a Victorian drawing-room

Anna and Claire are two bantering, scheming ladies of fashion who have long lived together on the fringes of upper-class society

Anna has just become the mistress of a wealthy man, from whom she has received an enormous emerald and an income to match

Claire, meanwhile, is infatuated with a respectable young lady and wants to enlist the jealous Anna's help for an assignation


"Devastatingly funny . . . exceptionally clever" ~ New York Times

"Brilliant . . . One of Mamet's most satisfying and accomplished plays, and one of the funniest American comedies in years" ~ New York Post


A modern retelling of the classic tale of pride, folly and the ultimate wager

Faustus has it all - fame, success, a loving family

But a careless pact with a beguiling magician threatens everything

In language, scope and theatrical sensibility, Faustus represents a big departure for Mamet, melding resplendent language and metaphysics in an eerie and moving retelling of the tragedy of Doctor Faustus


Wildly humorous and often gob-smackingly outrageous, Romance is an uproarious courtroom farce, which lampoons the American judicial system and exposes the hypocrisy surrounding personal prejudices and political correctness


"An exhilarating spectacle" ~ New Yorker

"It made me weep with delight. ... Romance is funny. Extremely funny" ~ Wall Street Journal

"Mamet is a connoisseur of fiasco, knows all about legal punctilio, and he has great fun bringing mayhem to the ritual" ~ New Yorker

"[Mamet's characters] are at each other's throats with a wit akin to characters out of Wilde and a vengeance not unlike those from Pinter or Edward Albee" ~ Boston Globe

"The finest American playwright of his generation" ~ The Sunday Times

"No modern playwright has been bolder or more brilliant"~ New Yorker

"Pinter, Albee, Miller. They're all looking over Mamet's shoulder" ~ New Yorker

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