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Mamet - Plays 3 - Glengarry Glen Ross & Prairie du Chien & The Shawl & Speed the Plow

David Mamet Price: $26.95

The Plays in this Collection are ... Glen Garry Glen Ross - also made in to a film starring Jack Lemmon and Al Pacino - " ... his superb play about real estate salesmen in a cut-throat sales competition" - New Society

In Prairie du Chien a railway carriage speeding through the Wisconsin night is the setting for a violent story of obsessive jealousy, murder and suicide, told within shooting distance of a card-hustler and his victim

"A short poignant study in violence and the twin drives of love and money, told with hypnotic power thorugh a travelling raconteur" - City Limits

The Shawl shows a clairvoyant wondering whether to cheat a bereaved woman of her inheritance and "confirms Mamet's place as about the best living writer of vivid American dialogue" - Daily Telegraph

Set in the cut-throat world of Hollywood, Speed-the-Plow sees two old-time movie collaborators manipulate the aspirations of a young woman who will do anything to attain her dream of success "a brilliant black comedy, a dazzling dissection of Hollywood cupidity" - Newsweek

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