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Making a Good Script Great - A Guide for Writing and Rewriting

Linda Seger Price: $14.95

Offering useful advice on working on a first-draft, Seger outlines methods to help writers craft their work to create stronger scripts

This top selling guide for writers focuses on rewriting - how to solve the sript's problems and still preserve the original creativity

"Quite simply, the most brilliant and useful book on screenwriting that I have ever read. Whether you are a working writer or aspiring to be one, this book is, and will continue to be, indispensable" ~ William Kelley, Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Witness

"RX for ailing screenwriters: Read this tonight and call me in the morning" ~ Tony Bill, Academy Award-winning producer, The Sting, Taxi Driver

"There have been many books on writing but none, in my opinion, that have the depth and accessibility of Linda Seger's. It's a marvelous book for producers and executives as well as writers" ~ Renee Valente, producer, Blind Ambition

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