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Makin’ It

Large Mixed Cast

Cynthia Mercati Price: $9.99

This vibrant and candid play about makin' it through high school is a favorite with teen actors across the country

Makin' It is a story of people high school students interact with daily

This is a play about the ordinary kids you see walking down any hallway in any school ...

A good kid, a bit baffled by high school, but trying his or her best to make it through

Then there's the girl who wants desperately to look like the models in Seventeen, and the football player who must protect his mother and sister from his father's wrath

And the girl who lost weight, yet when she looks in the mirror, it's still the old self she sees

There's the guy who always lands in detention, who has a surprising warmth for the other "misfit" students

And the principal who tries his best to navigate the ever shifting changes of young people

We also meet Monica, too innocent to know when a cruel practical joke is being played on her

And Libby, the girl who tries to keep her intellectual bent a secret, afraid no one will like "a smart girl"

And the rich kid, who finds out his money will buy neither real friendship or loyalty

Yet, for all their travails, these kids come to understand their own inner difficulties and how, truly they are all the same, searching both to understand and accept themselves, as they strive to make it through four years of high school

At the heart of Makin' It are a number of monologues in which characters step out of the action to address their thoughts to the audience



"There are kids in this school just like the ones in the play!" ~ Student comment

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