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Mad Gary’s Fruit and Nut Case

4 Male, 4 Female

David Muncaster Price: $14.95

It's a big day for Tommy ...

His lovely daughter Peaches has just married Lionel Looselips, the son of the biggest fruit and veg wholesale magnate in the whole of the county

Now Tommy can be assured that his market stall will always have the freshest, best value produce known to man

The wedding reception is a grand affair, friends and relations are joined by rivals who, for one day, put their differences aside - or do they?

As the ceremonial fruit salad is consumed the guests start dropping like fruit flies

Who is responsible for this murderous act?

What did they hope to gain?

And who will be next?

It’s a job for “Mad” Gary Grasslover of the local constabulary

This intentionally corny and ribald comedy/murder mystery provides plenty of laughs and opportunity for the audience to join in the fun by, not only trying to guess the murderer, but also by selected members being given characters to play

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