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Lysistrata - The Sex Strike - Acting Edition

Large Mixed Cast

Germaine Greer & Phil Willmott from Aristophanes Price: $12.99

Set in a bathhouse steam room in Ancient Greece ...

Athens is in the grip of a futile, destructive war with Sparta and its men are fighting abroad, taken away from their wives and families for long periods at a time

The women of Athens have had enough

At dawn, in a men's bathhouse, leading society woman Lysistrata gathers an assembly of Athenian and Spartan women to discuss negotiating a peace treaty

Their tactics are simple - they will refuse their men sex until peace is declared

Germaine Greer and Phil Willmott's wonderful adaptation of Aristophanes' play "treads expertly between the tremendous and the tacky" ~ Observer

With Carry On characters, a cartoon-style set, raunchy dialogue and bawdy action performed to a soundtrack of Marilyn Monroe and Julie London, the serious subject of war remains prominent amid the humour in this battle of the sexes

"Fast, broad, silly and profound" ~ Independent on Sunday

"Wonderfully fragrant, upper crust Lysistrata" ~ Guardian

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