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lower case

2 Male, 2 Female

Stephen Enersen Price: $9.99

This smart romantic comedy wrestles with the miseries of the mid-life, recycled dating scene

Having recently decided that he is through with romantic relationships - but not through with women - George has made an impulsive bet with his meddling sister that he will solve all his dating problems by “hiring” a mistress

But just two days before the “show and tell” dinner where he must produce said mistress to avoid losing the high-stakes bet, he's yet to find one

And so mistress-less (and clue-less) George tries to engage a 30-something theatre student Meredith to play his paramour for the dinner

Talented Meredith finds the assignment disgusting

But she needs the money

And - truth be told - she's rather excited by the acting challenge of a full evening of unorthodox improvisation

Amidst the ensuing chaos, Meredith and George gradually come to appreciate each other’s odd, yet strangely sensible, takes on life and relationships


“Wanders high and low for laughs, offering everything from puns to physical humor to tickle the audience’s funny bone” ~ The Lincoln Journal Star

“The work is smart … as it wrestles with the mysteries and miseries of relationships” ~ The Lincoln Journal Star

“Playgoers may attend in expectation of a squeaky clean evening that is still funny” ~ The Lincoln Journal Star

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