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Love on the Cusp

3 Male, 3 Female

Roger Karshner Price: $9.99

Jerry comes unglued when his wife, Eleanor, an astrology nut, informs him they can't have sex for thirty days because her planet is in retrograde

Jerry and his sports loving buddy, Marvin, conspire against Eleanor's rip off advisor, Rhoda. But when Rhoda arrives on the scene, Marvin does a complete flip flop and falls for her instantly

Rhoda advises Eleanor that she's about to be visited by "an overpowering electric influence" which manifests itself in the person of Joe, handsome TV repairman. Eleanor falls for Joe who Jerry rightly spots as phony who's trying to get my wife's money on horizontal hold

Joe wins the moment and Jerry is forced out of the house into a crummy apartment. But Jerry the super salesman and manipulator deftly maneuvers the situation, rekindles Eleanor's love, awakens Marvin and exposes Rhoda and Joe

"Light and breezy" ~ Chicago Star

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