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Love & Money

2 Male, 3 Female

A R Gurney Price: $8.99

Renowned playwright A.R. Gurney paints an incisive and hysterical portrait of the trials of class, family, legacy and race

And the power of a good story

Wealthy widow Cornelia Cunningham is determined to donate almost everything she owns before her life of grace and privilege ends

But her plan hits a snag when an ambitious and ingratiating young man arrives to claim his alleged inheritance


"… the dialogue is peppered with wit and warmth” ~ The New York Times

" ... a buoyant comedy that also contains some startlingly shrewd observations about wealth, the nature of trust, and the prospect of aging with dignity” ~

Love & Money is filled with the delightful badinage which introduces us to two impeccably written characters … As language is fast disappearing from our everyday life, Mr Gurney is always welcome and refreshing” ~


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