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Lorca Plays 2 - The Shoemaker’s Wonderful Wife & The Love of Don Perlimplian & The Puppet Play of Don Cristiabal & The Butterfly’s Evil Spell & When Five Years Pass

Federico Garcia Lorca trans Gwynne Edwards Price: $27.95

The Shoemaker's Wonderful Wife and The Love of Don Perlimplín use an old story of the old man married to the young wife to expose the social attitudes of a traditional Spain bound by rigid concepts of decency, reputation and honour

The Puppet Play deploys the puppets' uninhibited and passionate emotions as a direct attack on the 'tedious triviality' of commercial theatre

The Butterfly's Evil Spell explores the themes of love and frustration, while When Five Years Pass is a surrealist play with references to the film Un Chien Andalou by Lorca's friend and collaborator, Luis Buñuel

"Lorca is one of the few indisputably great dramatists of the twentieth century" - Observer

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