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2 Male, 1 Female

Matthew Lombardo Price: $15.95

This zany comedy has been hailed as a masterpiece

It depicts an actual 1965 recording session in which an intoxicated Tallulah Bankhead required eight hours to dub a single line from her final movie Die! Die! My Darling!

Eight hours for a single line!

All the while driving the film editor nuts

Single set, runs about 100 minutes

The critics adored it ...


“Hilarious!” ~ LA Weekly

“Entertainment guaranteed!” ~ Los Angeles Times

“This play is a masterpiece!” ~ Santa Monica Press

“Fours stars! … A terrific play! The biting wit is bawdy and hysterical!” ~ The Washingtonian

“Howlingly funny! … Fun, touching and exceedingly funny! A must see!” ~ Pasadena Star News

“Scores of zingers, one-liners, retorts and anecdotes leaves the audience roaring so loud the actors often struggle to be heard!” ~ Daily Variety

“Matthew Lombardo’s riveting new play is as funny as it gets in theatre! … A seductive, funny and frequently moving piece” ~The Hollywood Reporter

“A+ … Matthew Lombardo’s brilliant script crackles with a number of zingy one-liners! His screamingly funny play will have you rolling in the aisles!” ~ Palm Beach Post

“A raucous comedy! Lombardo has penned a hysterically funny script with serious undertones that features a cascade of PG-rated zingers, R-rated retorts and X-rated anecdotes.” —Sun Sentinel

“Pure theatrical magic! Scathingly funny! Deliciously inappropriate. Sometimes, the saying goes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. Try to fight either as hard as you can. You will end up doing both” ~ The Washington Times

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