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Long Live the Golden Rule!

1 Male, 6 Female

Deborah Jean Solberg Price: $7.99

Long Live the Golden Rule! is a tiny fairytale for people of all sizes

It's an original story of how an angel gets her second wing by creating a Golden Rule

Her journey to figure out a Golden Rule helps the cowardly Prince and vain Princess help the poor Peasant fix the well in the village

Along the way, Baby Dragon becomes independent of Princess, and shows Prince that fun is more important than fighting

Now alone and unhappy, Princess learns she cannot command respect from Peasant, and works hard to make a friend

Meanwhile, Wizard helps Jester how to jest properly so people will laugh and have fun which helps Angel build the best Golden Ruler Ever

At the end of the story, all the characters in the Kingdom invite the audience to participate in chanting 'Long Live the Golden Rule!'

They improvise movement to the chant leading into bows

A fun tool to teach the best rule to live by, The Golden Rule runs about 45 mins and has been performed as a stage and puppet play

M1,F2 - 6


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