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Long Live Rock and Roll

8 Male, 1 Female

Cynthia Mercati Price: $9.99

Letís return now to those happy days of the Fifties!

Ike is in the White House, Willie Mays on the ballfield, Ed Sullivan on the tube, and rock n roll is everywhere and here to stay!

Corliss, a student at the sedate Gordon Academy for Girls, wins first prize in a local DJ contest - a weekend with that top teen dream, Eustice Early!!

But there are always those who resist the tides of change, and Gordon Academy is a bastion of respectability

The young headmistress is already up to her ears in trouble because the budget wonít balance, and when a rock star arrives at the school at the same time as the schoolís best benefactress, everything starts to shake, rattle, and roll!

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