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Lone Star Spirits

3 Male, 2 Female

Josh Tobiessen Price: $9.99

Lone Star Spirits is an off-beat, fast-paced comedy with hairpin turns

Marley is hoping for a quick trip home to the dwindling Texas town where she grew up

But she and her hipster fiancé, Ben, are in for more than they bargained for

Upon entering her estranged father’s liquor store, she’s immediately set upon by Drew, her football hero ex-boyfriend, who’s looking to relight a romance with the only girl he’s never cheated on

Then there’s Jessica, the former classmate and current single mom looking to drag Marley into a two-woman bachelorette party

Marley finally manages to reveal to her father the real reason for her visit

But things are further complicated by the ghost of the bear-wrestling pioneer who used to live in the store

And who Marley’s father and Drew speak to on a daily basis ...

An hilarious and sympathetic look at family, spirituality, those who stay and those who leave their hometowns

And the ghosts that haunt us either way

Runs about 80 minutes


“A rollicking good ghost story … It’s also a very fine coming-home story, reconciliation story and small-town hero story” ~ New York Times

“There is an abundance of humor, warmth and wisdom in this small show ... Playwright Josh Tobiessen knows how to spin a surprise like a master” ~ The Huffington Post

“A daughter’s visit to a small-town juke joint stirs the plot and memories that will make you laugh and cry in seconds” ~ Star Tribune

“Hilarious and heartbreaking, it's one of the best plays I've seen this year” ~ Cherry and Spoon

“It features crisply drawn characters … family drama, a poignant exploration of small-town life, ghosts, country music and accidental gunshots ... you'll want to hop up on stage and buy a beer” ~ Cherry and Spoon

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