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Lone Star Love Potion

3 Male, 4 Female

Michael Parker Price: $10.95

The wealthy owner of a 200,000 acre Texas ranch has died. His butler Jarvis, an alluring maid, the rancher's niece his only living relative and her husband are gathered for the reading of the will

Oddly, Miss Tammy Jo Harper, a neighbor, has also been invited. As expected, the niece inherits everything. Jarvis then produces from the safe a reputed love potion

Does it work? Before long, everyone is sipping the sample with hilarious results. As the audience vacillates between thinking the potion is potent and believing it's a ruse, they are drawn into the mystery and hilarity

The flow of characters in, out and from under the beds reaches a frenetic pace before the startling truth is revealed

"Another hit for Parker" ~ Palm Beach Post

"Spellbinding as well as fun" ~ Delray Times

"Gales of laughter approached hurricane force. This play's a hoot" ~ Boca Raton News

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