Lives of the Saints - Seven One-Act Plays

Lives of the Saints - Seven One-Act Plays $13

David Ives

Published by Dramatists Play Service

Enigma Variations - Zany hijinks as a pair of lookalikes named Bebe W.W. Doppel-gängler solve an identity crisis with the help of Dr William W. Williams and his nurse Fifi, who may or may not be Aphrodite the Goddess of Love. Or is she a male gym-teacher in a dress? (3M, 2W)

The Mystery At Twickman Vicarage - A body on the carpet, three ridiculous Masterpiece Theatre-style suspects and a bumbling Scotland Yard detective solve philosophical quandaries as they investigate who killed Jeremy Thumpington-Fffienes? (3M, 2W)

Babel`s In Arms - Two blue-collar Mesopotamian construction workers are handed a provocative task: build the Tower of Babel - or else. How many stones does it take to get to heaven, anyway? (3M, 2W)

Soap Opera - A washing-machine repairman falls in love with a picture-perfect washer. Should he tell his girlfriend Mabel? Is the washer two-timing him with a dryer? Stay tuned (3M, 2W)

Lives Of The Saints - A tender and gently comic meditation. Two women preparing a funeral breakfast in a church basement muse on life, death, and the meaning of Polish jokes - and along the way achieve a kind of sanctity (3M, 2W)

Arabian Nights - Utterly normal Norman walks into utterly ordinary Flora's shop looking for a souvenir of his travels and together they find whirlwind romance, spurred on by a wacky translator (1M, 2W or 2M, 1W)

Captive Audience - A cautionary fable tells how Rob and Laura face a menace in their living room: a television that talks back to them and threatens to swallow them whole (2M, 2W)


" witty entertaininglaugh-out-loud " ~ Variety

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