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Little Murders

6 Male, 2 Female

Jules Feiffer Price: $9.99

The play is a collection of set pieces showing a modern metropolitan family with a matriarchal mother, milquetoast father, normal cuddly sister, and brother who is trying to adapt himself to homosexuality

Sister's fiance is a fellow who knows how to roll with the punches; he figures that if you daydream while being mugged, it won't hurt so much. They have a hard time finding a preacher who will marry them without pronouncing the name of God

They succeed, but immediately afterward sister is killed by a sniper's bullet. A detective who has a stack of unsolved crimes suspects that there is a subtle pattern forming here

"Jules Feiffer, a satirical sharpshooter with a deadly aim, stares balefully at the meaningless violence in American life, and opens fire on it in Little Murders.... Devastatingly lethal in some of its coldly savage comic assaults" ~ N.Y. Post

"Fantastically funny" ~ N.Y. Times

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