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Lions and Donkeys

4 Male, 0 Female

Steve Harper Price: $9.99

One-act, all-male drama set in a First World War dug-out

Itís September 1918 on the Western Front, and Tommy Atkins and Dave Rawlings from the Third Essex Battalion are doing all they can to stay alive during the final months of the First World War

They receive an unexpected visit from an officer, Lieutenant Hargreaves, who announces that Tommy is to be awarded the Military Medal for his courage in combat

Why, then, are Tommy and Dave so keen to see the back of him?

And who is the strange Icelandic character that enters the scene, brandishing a sausage?

A funny, poignant play about friendship, humanity and survival


  • Corporal Dave Rawlings - untidy, rebellious, early 20s
  • Sergeant Tommy Atkins - calm, authoritative, late 20s
  • Lieutenant Harry Hargreaves, pompous, naive, 20
  • Oberlieutenant Vilhelm Von-Schmitt - eccentric, German, late 20s

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