Line? - The Creative Way for Actors to Quickly Memorize Monologues and Dialogues

Line? - The Creative Way for Actors to Quickly Memorize Monologues and Dialogues $14.99

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Jared Kelner

Published by Infinite Mind

If you've ever struggled to remember your lines, the creative memorization techniques taught in Line? will help you break through your mental blocks and accelerate the line memorization process

Author Jared Kelner has applied his experience as an actor and acting teacher and combined that with his expertise as a memory improvement trainer and created an imagination and sensory based process for actors to use when memorizing lines

It's an innovative approach to line memorization that taps into the actor's imagination and acting training rather than relying on monotonous rote memorization methods like highlighting, recording and repeating lines over and over

By applying the creative memorization methods presented in Line? you will instantly recall your lines


"Bottom line - the memory techniques taught in Line? work. Any actor who's ever struggled to remember their lines needs to buy this book and read it right away. I only wish I learned this memorization method years ago" ~ Javier Molina: Associate Director of the Action Theatre Conservatory and Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio

"Actors and actresses, young and old, can now throw out the old methods of rote memorization. Kelner has crafted Line? in a way that leverages your creative mind and gracefully marries proven memorization methods with the actor's natural imaginative instincts which results in faster line memorization. This resource is a must for every actor who wants to improve their ability to memorize their lines" ~ Jamie Nast

"Whether you're a novice cast in a community theatre production or a professional actor whose Teflon brain is causing you to lose jobs, Line? will save your life. This is the best monologue and dialogue memorization system that I have ever come across. Jared Kelner breaks the process down into simple steps that will help you memorize your lines quickly and creatively. I am highly recommending this book to the students I teach and the actors I direct" ~ Gerry Appel, Director of The Playhouse Acting Academy

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