Lily Plants a Garden


Jose Cruz Gonzalez

Published by Dramatic Publishing

2 Male 3 Female

Frank and Lois Wuluman are a childless couple. They are just like you and me. They live in a wukastle and drive a wukar

They pay their wutaxes and love to wubarbecue on weekends. They even love to howl at a three, full-moon night

You see, Frank and Lois Wuluman are Wulumans, those hairy and not-so-scary beasts that live in Wululand

One day, the couple discovers an infant girl left on their doorstep. No one knows how she got there but Frank and Lois Wuluman instantly fall in love with her and adopt her

Everything is perfect about the little child except for one slight, itsy, bitsy problem

You see, Lily Wuluman is a Zobeing, mortal enemies of the Wulumans. Thus begins an odyssey for the family of trying to help Lily fit in

No one in the neighborhood likes them because Lily is a Zobing. So Papa Wuluman builds Lily a Wuluman mask and teaches her how to growl and sniff, but it does no good

The neighbors still throw wuchuckeggs at their wuhome. This saddens Papa Wuluman and he eventually floats away into the sky and Lily and her mother are banished to the Land of Rubble

In the land of Rubble, Lily Wuluman plants a bluzulu seed, which blossoms into a garden, the first garden to be seen in centuries

Long ago, the Wululanders and Zobeings were friends. They each had something they needed from one another. The Wululanders had a wuludirt and the Zobeings had bluzulu seeds

Thus they traded and the world was at peace; but then someone got into an argument, which led to a fight and the Great Endless Unforgotten War began

In the Land of Rubble, Lily and her mother must learn to survive. Lily makes friends with an Irish ladybug named Ms Beatrice and with a French rose plant ballerina named Rose du Rosey

A mysterious shadow appears leaving little broken toys in Lily's garden. Lily and her friends soon discover why

And in the end, we come to discover that this child has created something of beauty, and Zobeings and Wululanders come to visit Lily's garden where the broken toys grow into beautiful plants and trees of memory

Lily Plants a Garden is an inspiring and timely allegory about a child who brings hope to troubled times

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