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Life’s a Dream

5 Male, 2 Female

John Barton & Adrian Mitchell from Pedro Calderon… Price: $9.99

"The action concerns the Polish King's incarceration of his son, Sigismund, who the omens say will prove a tyrant

In a controlled experiment, Sigismund becomes prince for a day, justifies the prophecies and is shunted back into his tower; only after he persuades himself that all that has passed is a dream, the young prince re-emerges to take over the kingdom and learn to rule wisely

Intertwined with this is the story of a Muscovite woman, Rosaura, who comes to Poland to avenge herself on her father and her lover, and who likewise learns the power of magnanimity and kindness ... a masterpiece about time, fate, love, honor, death and the illusory nature of existence" ~ Michael Billington, The Guardian

"Life's a Dream, the Calderon metaphysical masterpiece, is one of the finest fruits of the 17th-century golden age of Spanish drama ... an ever pertinent play about the power of free will ... seen at the Royal Shakespeare Company in a version both magical and lucid, playing to turn-away crowds

Rather than take the easy way out with a prose version, the adapters rewrote the play in English verse - serving the work's comic and tragic needs with a variety of forms including iambic pentameter, full frontal rhyme and ballads" ~ Frank Rich of the New York Times

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