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Life in the Fat Lane

4 Male, 2 Female

Cherie Bennett Price: $9.99

There’s a perfect girl at every school - Beautiful. Talented. Smart. Great parents. Cool boyfriend

You can’t even hate her because she’s so nice. Lara Ardeche is the perfect girl - and the prom queen - at her high school

But when allergy medication causes her to gain 70 pounds, her world is transformed - same girl on the inside, different girl on the outside

She’s certain she can take off the weight with diet and exercise - it’s j ust a matter of will power. Only Lara just keeps getting fatter

Her serious struggle is juxtaposed against the alluring come-ons and comic voices of pop culture weight-loss gurus, all of whom promise that they alone hold the key to weight-loss success

After her massive weight gain, the world as Lara knows it begins to crumble

Who will stay by her side? Her image-conscious family? Her shallow friends? Her handsome boyfriend?

Or will she be left alone in the land of the fat girls?

Lara’s answers come in a form she never expected. Her journey will r esonate with teens of all ages and both sexes who struggle to fit in.

winner of the Lazarus-Macy New Play Award

Flexible staging - runs about an hour

Minimum cast 3m,4w, with doubling by all but Lara and Karen. Maximum cast 20 or higher with roles gender-flexible. Students can be added to dance and school scenes if needed

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