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Let’s Murder Marsha

3 Male, 4 Female

Monk Ferris Price: $9.99

Happy housewife Marsha, hopelessly addicted to reading murder mysteries, overhears her loving husband discussing her upcoming birthday surprise with an interior decorator

To her ears, though, it sounds like they are planning to murder her!

With the assistance of her next door neighbor she tries to turn the tables on them with a poisoned potion

When her own mother shows up for her birthday a day early, Marsha thinks she is in on the diabolical scheme

When her maid's date, a policeman, shows up to take the maid out, Marsha think he is on to her poisoning attempt

Well, finally, just when you would think all this would be cleared up, Marsha's intended victims discover what she has supposed, and decide to teach her a lesson by actually pretending to be murderers

This is a terrific show for family audiences who like their comedy broad and fast and non-stop

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