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** Leopoldstadt

Large Mixed Cast

Tom Stoppard Price: $11.99

** 25% DISCOUNT **

"Breathtaking. The work of a master" ~ Time Out

Leopoldstadt is set at the beginning of the 20th Century in the Jewish quarter of Vienna that gives the play its name

Hermann Merz is a manufacturer and baptised Jew married to Catholic Gretl

Herman has moved up in the world ...

Gathered in his fashionable apartment we meet his extended family who are at the heart of this epic yet intimate drama

By the time we have taken leave of them, Austria has passed through the convulsions of war, revolution, impoverishment, and annexation by Nazi Germany

And the Holocaust, during which 65,000 Austrian Jews were murdered


"A masterpiece" ~ Independent

"A glittering triumph" ~ Dail Mail

"It has weight and majesty" ~ The Guardian

"A momentous new play. Both epic and intimate" ~ Financial Times

"Tom Stoppard's new masterwork is an early contender for Play of the Year" ~ Evening Standard

"The news that Tom Stoppard has written a new drama ranks as top-end seismic activity" ~ Daily Telegraph

"History will record Leopoldstradt as Stoppard's Schindler's List. His brilliant tragic-comic play" ~ The Spectator

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