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Lawrence After Arabia

4 Male, 2 Female

Howard Brenton Price: $12.99

"In God’s name man, you’re Lawrence of Arabia! The public won’t let you be anything else, no one will let you be anything else"

Lawrence After Arabia explores the afterlife of a legend, when being a hero has become a burden

And the man once celebrated as Lawrence of Arabia wants only to be normal once more

It's August, 1922 and the most famous man in England has vanished without a trace

But in the idyllic calm of the village of Ayot St Lawrence the "uncrowned King of Arabia" is hiding on the top floor of the home of Mr and Mrs Bernard Shaw

Hiding with slabs of homemade carrot cake for comfort

Wearied by his romanticised persona and worldwide fame, disgusted with his country and himself, Lawrence is craving normality

But when you're a brilliant archaeologist, scholar, linguist, writer and diplomat – as well as a legendary desert warrior – how can you ever be normal?

And beyond the Shaws' garden wall, nobody really cares how he feels

England just wants its hero back

But trapped in his love/hate relationship with the limelight, tormented by ghosts and haunted by broken promises - can he ever return?

Commissioned to mark the centenary of the start of the Arab revolt, Lawrence After Arabia premiered at Hampstead Theatre, London, 2016

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