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Last Panto in Little Grimley & Brenton Versus Brenton

5 Male, 5 Female

David Tristram Price: $12.95

The long overdue sequel to the popular Last Tango in Little Grimley sees Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard tackle the Christmas pantomime with predictably hilarious results

Like its predecessor, as well as being great fun, Last Panto is also a tremendously practical play to produce - there are just four characters, no set to build (just a few simple props) and no complex lighting or sound effects

So it works on even the most modest Village Hall stage, and is also ideal for festivals

This Volume also includes ...

Brenton Versus Brenton

What is the dark secret which enflames the Brenton family feud?

Who is the mysterious Eddie?

Why are Lana's shoulderpads wider than the door?

And just what was Deke Brenton doing down on the farm?

All this, and more, is revealed in this outrageous spoof of American soaps and blockbuster mini-series, set in the manic world of Chicago's biggest ad agency

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