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La Ronde

5 Male, 5 Female

Arthur Schnitzler trans Eric Bentley Price: $9.99

Schnitzler's popular roundelay of love in old Vienna is told in ten interlocking scenes - two characters appear in each and one of these moves into the next to afford a link ...

The soldier of the first scene leaves his lady of the evening to appear in the next scene with a parlor maid. From this scene of love, the maid departs to be with her wealthy employer

He, in turn, bumps the maid in order to receive his mistress, a certain married lady. The next scene is between the married lady and her husband and then the husband meets a girl of the streets at a private cafe

This girl and her poet lover, the poet and the actress, the actress and the count, and finally the count and the lady of the evening spiral back to the beginning

This an amusing tour de force is popular throughout the world

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