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Knock Knock

3 Male, 1 Female

Jules Feiffer Price: $10.95

Take a pair of old Jewish bachelor recluses, throw in Joan of Arc who also in another life was Cinderella add another character who appears in various guises and you have the entire cast but not the story of this wild farce

Cohn, an atheistic ex musician is the housekeeper half of this odd couple. Abe, an agnostic ex stockbroker, is the practical half. They have lived together for twenty years, are bored to tears with one another and constantly squabble

Cohn, exasperated, wishes for intelligent company and on the scene enters one Wiseman who appears in many roles and is part Mephistopheles, part Groucho Marx. Then Joan of Arc appears before the couple telling them her mission is to recruit two of every species for a spaceship trip to heaven. After that all antic hell breaks loose and continues to the mad ending

"A wild spree of jokes . . . helium light laughter" ~ N.Y. Times

"A kooky, laugh saturated miracle play in the absurdist tradition" ~ Time

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