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Kiss or Kill - Contact Scenes of Love and Strife for Student Actors

Wilma Chandler & Steve Ramshur Price: $16.95

Kiss or Kill is a "how-to-lay-hands-on" scene study book for student actors with a focus on fight and love scenes requiring physical contact between the actors

Fight scenes are difficult to stage and perform believably, and love scenes can be even more challenging

They both require a sensitivity to an actor's scene partner throughout the rehearsal process, and the discipline to switch from being emotionally present in the moment to being physically in control

This collection provides a rare opportunity for younger actors to really learn how to rehearse and perform the difficult maneuvers of romance and battle

The scenes require respect and tact in the rehearsal process, yet they provide actors and audience a wonderful opportunity to experience grand passions!

The 50 scenes in this anthology are taken from the full spectrum of dramatic literature, from the Greeks to contemporary theater

The collection includes duets, trios, and group scenes and the text also includes

  • scene requirements
  • character analysis
  • period style and quality of movement
  • rehearsal techniques
  • choreography suggestions
  • slow-motion preparation
  • awareness of performance space
  • set, props and weapons
  • safety suggestions and safety demands

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